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Knots and crimps weaken line. Sometimes by over 80%.

Knots and crimps, no matter how well applied can sometimes weaken your line, worst case scenario by over 80%. It doesn’t matter how careful you are applying/forming them they give very inconsistent results when tested on scientific equipment.They are the main reason for lost fish and gear. Click here for more information. >

A fresh new innovative approach.

The Precision System eliminates the need for knots and crimps and banishes all of their associated weakness. Fish with the Precision System and fish with 100% confidence. Click here for more information. >

Surprise Yourself. Quick. Simple. Easy.

You will be amazed at how quick, simple, easy & reliable the Precision System is to operate. You will wonder how you ever managed with out it! Be totally prepared for the next monster fish you hook. Click here for more information. >

The most reliable connection technology in the world.

Precision Compression Technology works with all Fluorocarbon, Nylon and multi strand wires. It is the most consistent and reliable connection available to the modern angler. Click here for more information. >

100% strength with any braid.

If you use braid then you will know it can be a real pain to knot. Even a well tied knot will instantly weaken braid by over 50%, a bad one by over 80%, plus they can slip under tension. Correctly applied, the HELIX achieves 100% join strength every time with any braid. Click here for more information. >

100% confidence from reel to hook point.

With the Precision System the modern angler can now fish with 100% confidence from their reel to their hook point. Never before has the modern angler been so well equipped to land the fish of a life time. Click here for more information. >

Quick. Simple. Neat. Strong. Land more fish.

Precision Compression Technology has a whole host of benefits for the angler that will mean they will catch more fish. From being able to use thinner lines with more strength, the neatest presentation possible, the list is almost endless. Click here for more information. >

Designed from the ground up. Built to last.

A dedicated design program has produced the most advanced tool available to the modern angler. Capable of producing 2 tonnes of force with hardly any effort to apply specialist components. This is no toy. Click here for more information. >

One precision detach. A million uses.

One of the most innovative and versatile components available. A million and one uses to help you catch more fish. This is something no serious fresh or saltwater angler should be without. Click here for more information. >

Simple, flexible, innovative. Developed for you.

By using the Precision App you will be able to use your favourite brand of lines and multi strand wires. Click here for more information. >